Biker smashes car windscreen, hurls vulgarities at driver in KL

A driver was involved in a heated road rage incident with a motorcyclist on the road in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Sunday, Oct 25.

In the fierce confrontation, the motorcyclist hurled vulgarities and smashed the driver's windscreen.

A contributor, Ken, sent in a video of the incident to citizen journalism website Stomp, which shows both the driver and motorcyclist shouting and arguing loudly.

Based on their conversation, the dispute seemed to have started because the driver had nearly knocked the biker off his motorcycle.

The biker also challenged the driver to exit his vehicle for a fight, shouting "let's have it". When the driver said he did not want to, the biker called him a vulgar name.

"If I had almost knocked you off, you would have fell off," the driver later shouted back.

But this only further enraged the biker, and made him bang on the driver's car window. He then shouted: "I will f***ing kill you!"

The biker also insulted a woman in the vehicle's passenger seat several times for flashing her middle finger at him - a point he repeatedly brings up.

When the driver asked to go to the police station to settle the dispute, the biker claims to "know the police".

The car's smashed windscreen can be seen at the end of the video.

Ken, who is a friend of the driver in the car, said: "This road rage incident happened to my friend in KL on 25 October."

"I fear that the assailant knows people in high places and this will be swept under the carpet. I want the court of public opinion to weigh its judgment on him.

"He broke the car windows and further continued to call for other backup motorcyclists," he said.



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