Birthday party plans disrupted

Mr Jason Heng took water to his sisters' houses by putting pails in his car boot.

MALAYSIA - His family had planned to prepare a birthday feast for his five-year-old nephew last Saturday evening, but their plans were disrupted when the water supply was cut.

Machinery sales manager Jason Heng, 28, said the little boy's birthday party was to be held at his sister's house in Petaling Jaya.

"My sister and her family had planned to cook, but now we have no choice but to buy KFC or other food due to the water cut," he said last Saturday.

Mr Heng had to ferry buckets of water from his apartment in Kelana Jaya to his sisters' houses, since his area was not affected by the shortage, reported Malaysia's The Star.

"So far, I have made three trips," he said. "The boot of my car is all wet due to ferrying pails of water.

"I had to help my elder sisters because the shops and supermarkets ran out of bottled water," he added.

Mr Heng said the situation had caused a lot of inconvenience.

"We want to know what actually caused the problem. We do not want this to happen again," he said.

Other Petaling Jaya residents took to showering at sports complexes when their home water supply was cut.

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