Bomoh to minister: I’ll slap you like a croc

Even after garnering international infamy, the bomoh is not ready to fade into the background.

Mr Ibrahim Mat Zin conducted a supernatural search-and-rescue mission for the missing plane at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which left Malaysian Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin red-faced.

The bomoh's second ritual on Wednesday saw his men seated on a carpet, rowing as if at sea, while a companion scooped the sides with a bucket and another held up two coconuts.

Mr Khairy urged religious authorities to apprehend him, liberal news portal Malaysiakini reported.

But the bomoh will have none of it, the report said.

In a TV recording, Mr Ibrahim said he was not afraid of Mr Khairy and asked the Umno youth chief to quit his cabinet post and enter into a bout with him.

He said in Malay: "Let me be frank with Khairy Jamaluddin. I challenge him. Resign as minister and I will resign as mahaguru. We try fighting. I will slap him like a crocodile, then he will know.


"This boy who just became a minister should not seek publicity using me. Let me do my work (to locate the plane). Don't classify what I do as haram (forbidden in Islam)."

Mr Ibrahim also demanded that Mr Khairy retract his statements, which among others, referred to the bomoh as an "embarrassment and magic carpet shaman".

Mr Ibrahim, who is often seen in a coat, said that if the minister does not take back his statements, he will be taken to court.

The bomoh claimed that he was called by a government leader to help, prompting opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to raise the matter in Parliament.

But on Friday, the transport ministry issued a statement denying that it or other agencies had anything to do with him.

Meanwhile, BBC reported that the word "bomoh" has been tweeted more than 200,000 times since Mr Ibrahim started his supernatural search and rescue, with Malaysian netizens complaining that he was an embarrassment to the country.

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