Bond Girl Michelle Yeoh has a new mission

IM4U Street Watch with Mentor Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh with some of passengers of Putra-LRT train holding tags and blowing whistles during awareness campaign of women's safety and promote respect for women at LRT station in Gombak.

KUALA LUMPUR - Actress Michelle Yeoh has lent her name to a campaign that aims to create a safe and women-friendly public- transport system in Malaysia.

"My one message for women, and I think it is also a general rule that applies to all - when we are at a carpark or when taking public transport late at night, don't be alone," she said at the launch of the Street Watch Campaign! on Saturday.

"If you cannot bring along a companion, alert someone, whether it is the station manager or the police, to make sure that you are safe."

Under the 1Malaysia For Youth (1M4U) programme in collaboration with RapidKL, the campaign aims to raise safety awareness among Malaysians, especially women, when taking public transport.

Yeoh, who is the mentor for the 1M4U programme, advised: "Do not text, listen to music or zone out. If you are subjected to any form of harassment, please draw the attention of the authorities so that they can nab the culprit."

1M4U events and outdoor activation director M. Murali said volunteers would be at the LRT station for a month to "assist people, especially single women, who go home late at night and walk them to where their cars are parked".

"We will be moving to other stations after this," he said, adding that there are about 120,000 volunteers on Facebook who are keen to join the initiative.

Yeoh had earlier helped draw attention to several safety facilities for women provided by RapidKL, including the "female only" parking bays, CCTV cameras and panic buttons.