Bosnian to withdraw suit if he is allowed to see son

Ervin Ahbabovic

KUALA LUMPUR - Bosnian Ervin Ahbabovic will withdraw his "sperm abuse" suit against his ex-girlfriend if he is allowed to see their son.

The 41-year-old business development consultant claimed he was forced to take legal action after the 29-year-old woman, who he considered his life partner, treated him like a "gigolo".

"I was so hurt and angry when she told me, 'I just needed you to be my gigolo so that I can have a beautiful child. You are no longer needed," he said, adding Melanie (not her real name) said it some two months after he was chased out of the house.

"When I finally met her in February and tried convince her to reconciliation, she made this statement that I could not take and has been haunting me even until today," he told a press conference here on Thursday.

However, the Malaysian Permanent Resident holder said he was willing to withdraw the case if she agreed to sit with him and talk it out.

"I wish to reconcile with her. If not, she should at least allow me to see our boy. I have not seen him for six months," he said, as he broke down in tears.

He added that the boy is currently living with his ex-girlfriend's parents.

Ahbabovic said he would hang out near the house and shops Melanie's parents frequented in the hope of seeing his son.

"But I could not. They never take him out and do not go to the shops as often now. Life is meaningless without them (his ex girlfriend and baby)," he said.

He said Melanie wanted his genes because children of mixed marriages were more intelligent and beautiful.

Ahbabovic said he and Melanie were very much in love at the beginning but the relationship was hampered by their cultural differences and his financial status.

"She is intelligent, capable, highly-educated, pretty and a good writer," he said, when asked why he fell for her.

However, he said he had no idea why Melanie fell for him.

"Perhaps she saw something special about me. I am the type of person who works very hard. I am dedicated to my children and family. I am loyal as well," said the divorced man.

Ahbabovic, who come to Malaysia in 1995, said he was attracted to Malaysian Chinese women.

He denied Melanie's claim that he was unemployed, saying he was a full-time employee at two companies and a freelancer for another.

He said he contributed RM5,000 for the household expenditure, keeping only several hundred for himself, adding he was the man of the house and did all the cleaning and cooking for the family.

Ahbabovic accused Melanie of seeing another man - a professor with a prestigious university in the United States.

She has always wanted to live in New York, he said.

He also denied that he was involved in other sexual harassment cases.

As for the molestation case reported recently, Ahbabovic explained that an ex-employee of his company made the claim after he did not pay her salary.

On Friday, Ahbabovic filed a lawsuit against Melanie for abusing his sperm to have "better offspring" and was seeking RM600,000 compensation.

He also claimed that Melanie demanded to have sexual intercourse six times a day with each session lasting approximately one hour.

"I am good. There is no secret, just stay happy and be in a good mood," he said.