Boy, 12, sells 'kuih' to help family

A 12-year-old boy has become the man of the house to support his family by selling kuih after his stepfather died in an accident last year, reported Harian Metro.

Baharudin Buhari, who will be sitting for his UPSR in about two weeks, has been selling kuih door-to-door in Sungai Isap, near Kuantan, to support his mother and six siblings.

His mother Noridah Mohd Nor, 36, suffers from asthma and low blood pressure while two older siblings, aged 17 and 15, are disabled.

Baharudin said he comes back from school at 2.30pm, then goes out again and only returns home after all the kuih is sold out.

"I pity my mother because after my stepfather died, we lost someone we could depend on.

"I have many siblings and my mother does not work so this is the only way we can survive," said Baharudin.

Noridah said Baharudin was the one who asked her to prepare kuih for him to sell after the death of her husband.

"Selling kuih is not enough to support the eight of us but we are thankful because we have help from the Welfare Department and the zakat centre," she said.