Boy locked in car but mum refuses to break window until given $76

KOTA KINABALU - A mother whose sleeping son was locked inside her running vehicle, refused to break the car window until she was given RM200 (S$76).

According to a witness, the woman left her son, believed to be seven or eight years old, inside the car while she and her daughter, about five, went down to a restaurant at Bandaran Berjaya in the city at noon Saturday.

"I was eating inside the restaurant and saw her go down. After a while, I saw the woman trying to open the car door by picking the lock but she failed," said the witness, who only wanted to be known as Hiew.

A crowd gathered and advised the woman to break the window to get her son out but she refused to do so.

It was only after two men allegedly gave her RM100 each that she allowed them to break the window.

The boy, who woke up from the noise, was unhurt in the incident.

A medical officer who was off duty at the time gave the boy a brief check-up while waiting for the help to arrive.