Boy needs $26,300 to help him walk again

Chen Hao while Hou Sam looks on.
The Star

IPOH - A seven-year-old boy who cannot walk or talk because he suffers from Cerebral Palsy needs surgery in India, urgently.

Lai Chen Hao needs the operation soon because the procedure has a better chance of success on patients who are aged between four and seven.

His family is trying to raise RM80,000 (S$26,300.14) to cover the cost of the surgery and other expenses.

The procedure is called “Single Event Multi Lever Arm Restoration and Anti-Spasticity (Semlarass)”.

Chen Hao’s grandfather Lai Hou Sam, 77, said he came to know of the surgery through a friend.

He said the boy’s medical records and a video of him were sent to the doctor who developed the surgical procedure.

“A positive report was received in return,” Hou Sam said at a press conference organised by the Perak Barisan Nasional public services and complaints centre chief Mohd Rawi Abdullah yesterday.

Mohd Rawi said he would ask the state government for assistance and he also urged Malaysians to help.

He said donations could be banked into Pertubuhan Masya­rakat Prihatin Perak’s CIMB account (No. 80-0488265-7).

For more details, donors can call him at 016-554-6655.