BritishIndia upset over order to relocate branch

PETALING JAYA - A local fashion brand is crying foul after its Suria KLCC branch was told to move to another location in the mall or be evicted.

BritishIndia, a tenant of the mall since 1998, was given four days to unconditionally accept Suria KLCC's offer to relocate.

The letter was served in July 2014 despite the company being a competitive paying tenant and the management receiving the rental for the same month, according to BritishIndia founder Pat Liew.

"After receiving our rental, they issued BritishIndia the vacate-within-four-days letter.

"Their actions towards tenants such as BritishIndia call to question their motive," said Liew in a statement yesterday.

She said BritishIndia was seeking an injunction to prevent the management of Suria KLCC from carrying out its threat. The injunction hearing is scheduled for Feb 24.

"We found out that our current premises is intended to be leased to a foreign fashion brand that already has a location in Suria KLCC.

"We are left with no choice but to resort to legal action to protect our rights and be treated fairly," she said.

BritishIndia has more than 40 stores in leading malls in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

Liew said the brand used its store frontage in Suria KLCC to promote Malaysia and prove that a Malaysian brand can be on par with global brands.