'Bullet boy' in cheerful mood

IPOH - Stray bullet victim Mohd Amar Mohd Azizi, 10, was in a cheerful mood when friends visited him at his home in Kampung Belanja, Parit.

His mother Salinah Mohd Nor, 48, said Mohd Amar was no longer in pain and was recuperating comfortably at home after being discharged from the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital on Thursday.

“He was very happy when his friends came to see him.

“They spoke with him and also wished him a speedy recovery,” Salinah said.

“He is in good spirits,” she added.

Salinah said the family was now concentrating on taking care of Mohd Amar and would allow the police to conduct their investigations on the off-duty policeman who accidentally let off a shot while cleaning his pistol.

“We will let them do and take whatever actions necessary,” she said.

Mohd Amar was hit by a stray bullet from an off-duty policeman’s pistol in Kampung Belanja Kiri, Parit, last week.

A team of specialists had removed the bullet that was lodged between Mohd Amar’s skull and neck bone on Sunday.

On Thursday, after being discharged at the hospital, Mohd Amar had said that he was feeling better after the operation.

“I just need to get used to wearing the neck collar support,” said the SK Iskandar Shah Year Four pupil, whose ambition is to serve in the army.

“I have also been advised by the doctor not to move so much to allow my neck to heal,” he said.

“I will miss playing with my friends for a while,” he added.

Recalling the incident, Mohd Amar said he was playing with three of his friends just outside of his home.

“I saw the pakcik holding on his pistol and then I heard a loud firecracker-like explosion.

“I felt lot of blood flowing on my face and I felt really scared and nervous,” he said.

“I ran back home and was sent to the clinic before being rushed to the hospital,” he added.