Business flowing in for water tank companies

PETALING JAYA - The ongoing water rationing has seen a boom in the sale of water tanks as consumers rush to store enough supply for their households.

Salesmen say that demand from consumers has helped to increase their sales by up to 40 per cent.

Conlex Enterprise Sdn Bhd product manager Shawn Ang said his company had seen a 20 per cent increase in sales over the past few months.

"Most of the demand is for stainless steel water tanks, with a capacity of between 1,600 litres and 2,000 litres," he said.

Demand for these tanks, he said, was mainly from the Klang Valley, which had been hit hard for over a month due to the water rationing exercise.

An ATKC Hardware Trading Sdn Bhd spokesman said the company had received at least 50 orders for water tanks between January and March this year.

"Most of the orders are coming from the Klang Valley and our distribution areas are mainly in Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and Sri Kembangan, which are badly affected by the rationing," he said when contacted.

ATKC, which also operates ATKC e-Commerce Warehouse Online Store, said it registered the most demand from its online store.

"We have a variety of brands so customers are looking for a good bargain. We also get calls from customers who are asking for advice on the requirements to fix such stainless steel tanks," said the spokesman.

Besides stainless steel tanks, the company had also seen an increase in sales of polyethylene water tanks, said the spokesman.