Businessman attacks robber with screwdriver

A photo illustration of a Rolex watch.

IPOH - A robber got a taste of his own medicine when he was repeatedly stabbed with a screwdriver by his victim.

The 52-year-old businessman attacked the robber when he tried to take his Rolex watch at about 3.15am on Thursday.

Tapah OCPD Supt Somsak Din Keliaw said the robber and several accomplices had broken into the businessman's house in Taman Bukit Perdana here while the occupants were asleep.

He said the car accessory shop owner and his wife were in the master bedroom while their 23-year-old son was sleeping in a separate room.

The robber had kicked opened the master bedroom door before threatening the victim with a parang.

He then ordered the victim to hand over all his valuables. The victim, however, pleaded with the robber not to take his Rolex watch.

Supt Somsak said the victim then showed the suspect RM7,000 he kept in a drawer, but the suspect was not satisfied and tried to grab the watch.

He said this enraged the victim who attacked one of the robbers, punching him and stabbing him several times with a screwdriver.

His wife also joined in the attack and this caused the robbers to panic and run away.

They managed to rob the businessman of his valuables, a handphone and the Rolex watch.

It is estimated that the valuables stolen from the victim's house is worth about RM50,000, he added.

Supt Somsak said investigations found that the suspect had cut open the iron grill at the kitchen window to enter the house.

He said based on the CCTV recording there were between four and seven robbers involved in the break-in.

The suspect who was stabbed also managed to run into an oil palm plantation at the back of the victim's house, he added.

Supt Somsak urged clinics or hospitals to call investigating officer Inspector Harris Md Noor at 05-401 5222 if a patient with stab wounds came to see them for treatment.