Businessman inspired by sister's act of kindness

PHOTO: Berita Harian

PETALING JAYA - Inspired by his late sister's kindness towards her patients, businessman David Wu initiated a project to repair the homes that were affected by the floods which hit Kelantan last year.

And he made another tribute to the late Dr Wu Loo Yee by walking from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Baru in the hope of creating awareness on the hardship faced by the poor.

David, 48, hoped that the gruelling 25-day walk which began on Sept 9, coinciding with Dr Wu's birthday, would inspire more people to give a helping hand.

"It is a dedication to my late sister who succumbed to cancer late last year after an entire career dedicated towards helping the less fortunate," he said yesterday.

David noted that the money he managed to raise during the walk would be channelled to "Projek Wumah", initiated in honour of the late Dr Wu and aimed at repairing homes that were affected by the Kelantan floods.

"So far, we have managed to raise about RM150,000 (S$48,800) through social media. You can search for the Projek Wumah Facebook page for more information," he said.

He said the beneficiaries, who were picked randomly, would be mostly the hardcore poor whose homes are in a deplorable state and in need of repairs.

As for the walk which started from Dataran Merdeka, he said it was meant to raise awareness on poverty and to foster friendship among Malaysians from all walks of life, and to show that people could help anyone in need regardless of creed, culture or religion.

He hoped many more Malaysians would do the same, not necessarily walk 500km, but just do what they could to make positive changes.

"It could be a small donation, an act of kindness, a meaningful gesture of support. An act to do good to another Malaysian can come in many forms, and before you know it, we will have a gentle revolution of hope," he said.

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