Businessman's car gets blown up

KUALA LUMPUR - A wealthy businessman, who owns several restaurants and nightclubs in the city, escaped death when his luxury car was blown up even as he was in the car. Both he and his driver escaped unhurt.

A bomb strapped below the vehicle apparently exploded sending ball bearings ripping through the boot of the Jaguar.

The businessman, a Datuk Seri, and his driver were passing Taman Taynton View in Cheras on Monday night when the device was detonated on Monday night.

The businessman, however, is said to be a former detainee under the Emergency Ordinance and had been detained in Simpang Renggam for more than a year.

According to the report lodged by his driver, they were driving past Jalan Nadchantiram in the area at about 8.45pm when the back of the car blew up. He said they stopped the car and rushed out.

When they inspected the damage later, there were ball bearings in the boot and the back of the car was blown off.

City CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Ku Chin Wah said the the blast damaged the rear of the car and no one, not even other motorists or passers-by, were injured.

Police believe the incident could be an act of sabotage.

It is believed the Datuk Seri, who received his title from Pahang, had been detained under the Emergency Ordinance in 2005 and released 17 months later. There is also talk that he may have been involved in underworld activities that may have led to the attack on him and his car.