Car buyer shocked to find vehicle came with traffic summons

Malaysia Nanban reported that the buyer of a brand-new car from a dealership in Kajang, Selangor, was surprised to find that it came with an unwanted "accessory": a traffic summons.

When V. Mathan checked on the registration at the Road Transport Department, he was told that the car had a previous traffic offence recorded.

When he returned to the dealership and asked to see the manager over the matter, he was turned away.

When he called the manufacturer's headquarters, Mathan said he was offered five free services.

When he refused the offer, he was asked to go to the dealership to receive RM500 (S$159) in cash instead.

He lodged two police reports over the matter instead.

Mathan was quoted as saying that selling him a used car was bad enough, but offering him money was akin to bribery.