Car tinting trade slackens

PETALING JAYA- The car tinting business is at a low despite the searing heat as motorists await confirmation on the new Visible Light Transmission (VLT) levels.

Several car tinting shops reported poor business, and hoped that the Government would announce the new levels soon.

Willie Cheng, director of USJ-based GLS Auto, said motorists were caught in a bind what with the blazing hot weather.

"The weather is too hot and people need to install darker tints but are not doing so for fear of not meeting with the new requirements,'' he said.

Cool World director Ng Yim Hock said business was slow.

"Motorists are at a loss on what to do, as the weather is too hot but they can't change their tint levels yet," he said.

In the meantime, he proposed a 60 per cent VLT level for the front windscreen and 40 per cent for the other windows saying "it is easier on the eyes and pocket."

"The 70 per cent VLT windows which has strong heat rejecting properties are of higher quality and cost RM1,000 or more compared with 60 per cent VLT windows which cost between RM500 and RM800," he said.

Ng estimated that 90 per cent of vehicles in the country were not compliant with Road Transport Department (RTD) regulations, as many cars now already come fitted with low VLT levels.

Motorist Brian Chong said he had installed tinting on his car two months ago as he could not take the heat.

"There is a difference when a car is tinted. It is more comfortable and the air-conditioner works better.

"I will support it if the Government can clearly define and announce a standardised set of guidelines so that motorists can abide by it," added Chong, who is the regional manager of a US-based healthcare provider.

On June 2, the Transport Ministry held a two-day workshop to brainstorm over new tinting levels. The police also called off a nationwide crackdown targeted at heavily-tinted vehicles which was due to have taken place on June 16.