Carrying, hugging and kissing dogs against Islamic principles, says M'sian religious council

PETALING JAYA - The act of carrying, hugging and kissing dogs by Muslims, such as what happened at the "I Want To Touch a Dog" event last Sunday goes against Islamic principles, said Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) chairman Datuk Mohamad Adzib Mohd Isa.

Mohamad Adzib confirmed that Mais received an "application for support" from the organisers, but what transpired at the event "did not match the objectives of the programme as stated", he said in a statement Tuesday.

He said from the application, he was made to understand that the event was to provide an understanding of Islamic principles concerning dogs.

"After taking into account the objectives of the organisers, I discussed the issue with the Selangor Mufti and submitted a proposal from the organisers to him," added Mohamad Adzib.

He said that in a letter dated Oct 3, the organisers had said that the aim of the event was to help show Muslims the real need to help dogs in distress and the situations which permitted Muslims to keep dogs as well as proper cleansing methods after handling them.

"In a letter dated Oct 9, the Selangor Mufti's office stated that even though humans have benefited from dogs, Muslims were forbidden from touching them when either the dog or the person is wet, as the dog would be then considered unclean," said Mohamad Adzib.