Catch exciting meteor shower on Aug 12 and 13

PETALING JAYA - Mark your calendars, star gazers, and spend time outdoors on the nights of Aug 12 and 13 to catch a dazzling display of shooting stars.

Describing it as one of the year's "most exciting" meteor showers, the National Space Agency (Angkasa) said the Perseid meteor shower is expected to produce up to 100 meteors per hour streaking across the night sky.

"The best time to view the meteor shower is after the moon has set, between 11pm and dawn on Aug 12 and midnight to dawn on Aug 13," it said in a statement.

The annual Perseid meteor showers are particles of dust and debris from the tail of its parent comet Swift Tuttle.

These dust particles light up when they brush against the Earth's atmosphere.

To view the phenomena, Angkasa advised the public to choose open spaces away from artificial lighting.

Besides Perseid, the public would also be able to see the planet Venus from the western horizon after the sun has set on both days.

The planet Saturn and the moon can be seen at around midnight, while the planets Mars and Jupiter can be viewed at 5am from the Eastern horizon.