Caught on camera: Malaysian cop slaps men during stop-and-search

GEORGE TOWN - A video clip showing a policeman roughing up two men by the roadside outside a clinic in Bayan Baru area has gone viral.

The 65-second clip was uploaded onto Facebook on Saturday and has since generated hundreds of "likes" and comments.

In the clip, the policeman can be seen slamming his helmet onto the ground soon after he got off from the motorcycle.

He then yelled at the two foreigners who could be seen walking away. A third man was seen squatting by the roadside.

After instructing the two foreigners to squat down, the policeman continued with his tirade, labelling them samseng (gangsters) and kurang ajar (insolent).

He then asked the men to produce their passports, but they failed to do so.

Several netizens posted their comments, saying that the policeman had acted violently in this context.

However, someone else pointed out that the policeman, while he had over-reacted, was merely carrying out his duty as the three foreigners had failed to produce their passports.

A police spokesman said the three foreigners had tried to run away after they were flagged down for inspection.

He said their action had riled up the policeman who flew into a rage.

Penang police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi said the state police contingent disciplinary department had launched a probe into the incident on Friday.

SDCP Rahim said the policeman, who was attached to the Bayan Baru police station, had been transferred to the operation centre of Balik Pulau district police headquarters pending investigation.

"We will not compromise on any wrongdoings committed by our men that could tarnish the image of the force.

"I have given orders to all the department heads and chiefs to carry out their duties in accordance with the standard operating procedures. Do not act above the law and beyond your job scope that could give the force a bad name," he said.