Centipede pulled out from ear of 1-year-old boy

A 3cm-long centipede had been pulled out from a one-year-old boy 's left ear in Kemaman, Terengganu, reported Harian Metro.

"My heart nearly dropped when I saw the centipede being pulled out of my son's ear," said 23-year-old Rina Syafikah Jeffri.

She was woken up by the sounds of her child crying while scratching his ear furiously at 3am on Tuesday.

Her husband, Mohd Saufi Mohd Isa, 23, then tried to pull out the centipede with a pair of tweezers.

The child suffered serious bleeding in his ear and was rushed to the Kemaman Hospital. He was given painkillers and later returned home.

"I am thankful the centipede did not sting him," his mother said.