Change in rest days will be well accepted: Religious department

JOHOR BARU - A study has shown that many Muslims could not perform Friday prayers due to lack of time, according to JAIJ, the Johor Islamic Religious Department.

JAIJ adviser Datuk Noh Gadut said that reverting to the Friday-Saturday weekend would not only be convenient for Muslims to perform their prayers but also enable them to bring their sons along with them to the mosque.

"This will help fathers to give their children religious guidance and strengthen the Islamic faith of the younger generation," he said.

"Johor has always stressed the importance of religious education and prayer for the younger generation since the days of Almarhum Sultan Abu Bakar, and I believe that this change will be well accepted."

He said the morals of Muslim youths were declining because parents did not spend enough time communicating with their children, especially on religious matters.

He urged parents to use the Friday day of rest to instil religious values in their children.

Noh hoped that mosques would be filled every Friday, and that many young people would be in the congregation.

He noted that Johor had Friday and Saturday rest days prior to 1994, and added: "It should not be a problem reverting to that."