Chaos captured at Victoria's Secret outlet in Sabah goes viral

PETALING JAYA - The cat's out of the bag - Malaysians are no angels when it comes to a good sale.

Recent viral videos from a Victoria's Secret outlet in a mall in Kota Kinabalu show a big, unruly crowd pushing to get into the store.

The videos also show that the commotion caused the clear entrance shutters to become dislodged repeatedly, and that the situation was so chaotic that security staff were forced to attempt crowd control.

One of the videos shows people grabbing bottles of perfumed body mist.

A Victoria's Secret promotional e-mail, which was sighted by The Star, showed that their Mist Collection was being sold in-store for RM29  (S$9.84) each from March 31 to April 1.

The attractive 63 per cent discount may have led to this fragrance frenzy, as the merchandise is usually priced at RM79 apiece.

In another video, a pony-tailed lady in black can be seen screaming repeatedly at those around her, though it remains unclear if she is a store employee or a shopper.

The shrill, screeching sounds caused a male employee - who was attempting to close the shutters that form the store entrance - to look back at the source of the commotion with an alarmed expression.

The @KKCity Twitter account, which calls on followers to 'be the eyes and ears for the community', shared pictures of notices pasted on the shop entrance.

The sign informed customers that the promotion ended at 3pm, and the shop apparently closed immediately after the incident, ahead of the mall's closing hours.

Checks on social media show that long lines had formed outside the store from before 10am on the day itself.

The @KKCity handle also shared the video, which saw many Twitter users responding to the shoppers' eagerness to take advantage of the steep discount with scorn and derision.

However, tweeter @dkManeyMohd was more disappointed with the store management, stating that they should have devised a strategy to handle customers for this kind of sale event.

'Pity the women who are actually 100 per cent supporting your product. They shouldn't be treated like this," she added.