Cheesy sex massages lick the competition

Malaysian massage parlours looking to outdo one another have resorted to innovative sexual services to pull in the crowds.

They seem to have succeeded, judging by the crowd at a massage centre in Serdang, Selangor.

Malaysia daily Harian Metro reported that one parlour is offering "urut keju" massage, a new and kinky form of massage in which a young woman spreads cheese on a client before licking it off his body.

The erotic massage at the centre in the Klang Valley, visited by Harian Metro's reporter, is provided by scantily dressed women from China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Ahead of the urut keju, the customer picks his preferred masseuse, who will bathe him till he is clean before she applies the cheese.


The paper found most of the customers are aged 35 to 50 and pay RM185 (S$72) for the massage, inclusive of a welcome drink of orange juice and a glass of Chinese tea after the massage.

The tabloid's reporter said he had to wait for two hours to have a masseuse attend to him as the weekend, the only time the service is provided, had drawn a packed crowd.

The reporter declined to have the cheese massage that was offered by the young Indonesian woman he picked, but instead interviewed her.

Security was tight and those who entered were asked to store all their mobile phones in lockers.

A physical inspection was also carried out by some bouncers to ensure the customers were not carrying any recording devices.

The masseuse gets RM70 for every urut keju she gives, aside from her RM1,200 basic monthly salary.

Asked if she finds it repugnant to lick the customer's cheese-spread body, the Indonesian woman, who gave her name as Laika and had worked there for about a year, said: "It felt disgusting at first, but I have got used to it."

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