Chiang Mai bus crash: Bodies of four more victims return

BATU PAHAT - Four of the eight Chiang Mai bus crash survivors who received medical treatment in Thailand have returned home.

Tan Yang Soon, 64, Ng Too Hyiok, 63, Teo Tien Chor, 59, and Lum Jia Miem, 21, touched down at Changi International Airport in Singapore at around 4pm yesterday from Thailand.

The four, accompanied by a doctor and a nurse, were then brought to Pantai Hospital Batu Pahat here in two ambulances to be warded for follow-up treatment.

Chiu Travel Sdn Bhd general manager Terence Yung said the four were allowed to return to Malaysia after their condition permitted them to travel.

He said the remaining four survivors Goh Bak Chai, 64, Lim Ah Gek, 64, Lim Guat Huay, 53, Ker Shin Hui, 28, were to remain at McCormick Hospital in Chiang Mai for medical treatment.

"Their families are requesting for the press to stay away for now and allow the patients to recuperate in private.

"This is because most of them (patients) are still in the dark about their relatives' death and their family members are waiting for a suitable time to break the sad news to them," he said here yesterday.

Yung said the conditions of the remaining four patients are getting better.

Goh and Ah Gek have been transferred to regular wards while Ker and Guat Huay were still in the intensive care unit (ICU).

He said Goh, who suffered from a cracked rib cage, was expected to return to Malaysia in the first week of January.

"Ah Gek is reported to be in stable condition and she will soon be transferred to Bangkok Hospital for further treatment, following the doctor's orders," he said.

Meanwhile, Guat Huay, who has difficulty moving about after the accident, needs another month to recover although doctors said she did not need any more surgery. Ker, on the other hand, was recovering well and was expected to be transferred into a normal ward soon.

"Our travel agency have stationed two staff at the hospital to assist the patients and their families and update on their situation there," he said.

The ninth and last surviving victim of the crash Lee Siew Kim, 61, returned to Malaysia on Dec 23 together with the bodies of the 13 who were killed in the same accident.

The tragic incident occurred when their chartered bus, carrying 22 of the tourists from Batu Pahat, veered off a mountainous road in Chiang Mai's Doi Saket district at 11.30am on Dec 20.