Chiang Mai bus crash: Playful remark turns out to be her last

BATU PAHAT - Housewife Lim See Ley never thought that her daughter Tan Thin Thin's "Ma, behave well" quip will be the last conversation she will have with her.

Thin Thin's family of six was among a group of Malaysians involved in a crash after their chartered bus collided with another vehicle before hitting a power pole and plunging into a ravine in Chiang Mai on Sunday.

Thin Thin, 39, was a school principal.

Her paternal grandmother Low Chee Lan, 85, who was oldest in the group as well as her aunt Tan Sui Heng, 54, and her husband Ker Bong Ngwang, 57, were also killed.

See Ley's brother Lim Poh Teot said that Thin Thin had contacted her mother on Sunday morning, just before the accident took place at 11.30am on the Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai road in Tambon Pamieng of Doi Saket district.

"Thin Thin called her mum and had playfully said 'Ma, be good and behave well, you know I am a teacher'. My sister is very emotional right now," he said when met in front of his 60-year-old sister's house near Tongkang Pecah here yesterday.

Thin Thin's father Tan Yang Soon, 64, and a cousin (daughter of Sui Heng and Bong Ngwang) Ker Shin Hui were the only two in the family that survived the crash.

Poh Teot said Yan Soon would organise family holiday trips at least once a year, especially for his mother Chee Lan.

"What was supposed to be a family trip turned tragic for us," he said.

He added that Yan Soon's two sons had left for Chiang Mai early yesterday after learning of the tragedy on Sunday evening.

"We are waiting for updates from them or from the authorities," he said, adding that it would probably take a few days to bring back the victims.