China verifying reports of nude citizens in Sabah

PHOTO: China Press

BEIJING - China is verifying reports that its citizens allegedly posed nude on an island in Sabah.

Its Foreign Ministry said the embassy in Kuala Lumpur was paying attention to the development.

A spokesman said China has been "continuously educating and asking its citizens to behave in a civilised manner when visiting other countries."

"They are expected to understand and respect the local customs, traditions, religions and taboos at places they visit.

"While most Chinese tourists could adhere to the aforementioned, certain individuals have demonstrated uncivilised behaviour," the spokseman said.

A report in The Star said an act of stripping by apparently Chinese tourists was uncovered at Sibuan, one of the many islands off Semporna.

Semporna police were alerted following a tip-off from a Semporna resident on Tuesday who saw four photographs uploaded on Facebook of the tourists in the nude. The FB posts has since gone viral.

One of the photos showed three topless women photographed from behind, with another showing seven nude men photographed from behind and a woman in a bra and shorts posing towards the camera.

Police have arrested a Semporna-based dive master from China after identifying him as one of the suspects who posed nude in the pictures.

The 33-year-old man was nabbed at a rented room in Semporna town at about 11.15pm Wednesday.