Chinese investors eyeing Malaysian durian orchards

PHOTO: The Straits Times

Companies and businessmen from China are hankering for one of Malaysia's most famous exports - the Musang King. China Press reported that many Chinese nationals are keen to acquire orchards in Malaysia, to ride on the durian craze in their country.

They want to handle every aspect of the business, from planting to harvesting to exporting the king of fruits.

It was reported that Chinese investors own 121ha of durian orchards in Malaysia, most with local partners.

However, the trend is making local farmers and traders jittery because they see stiff competition from these cash-rich investors.

The report also warned that such competition could drive up the price of durians in the local market.

A 300g pack of frozen Musang King sells for between RM93 (S$30) and RM105 in China.

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