Christian Federation urges for prosecution over Bible comment

Datuk Ibrahim Ali.

PETALING JAYA - The failure to prosecute Datuk Ibrahim Ali over his Bible-burning threat will encourage other ex­­tremists to take similar actions against non-Muslim communities, says the Christian Federation of Malaysia.

In a statement, CFM chairman Rev Dr Eu Hong Seng expressed concern over the position taken by the autho­rities in as far as the Perkasa president's threat was concerned.

"CFM feels strongly that this position is irresponsible. It gives carte blanche or free rein to other extre­mists to do likewise, not just to Chris­tians but to any other religious community that is not Muslim," he said.

"It is absurd that Ibrahim's threat can be considered 'in defence of Islam'."

"By no logic or rationalisation and under no circumstances whatsoever can a threat or call to violent action - desecration of another Malaysian citizen's sacred text - be considered defensive," Eu added.

"CFM, on behalf of Christians in Malaysia, is outraged at the fact that threats to burn our Holy Bible is considered an act in defence," he said when commenting on de facto Law Minister Nancy Shukri's reply in Parliament.

Eu urged Members of Parliament, regardless of their ethnicity, religious background or political affiliation, to push for a motion to censure Nancy over her reply.

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