Chua: State govt has power to solve Allah issue

Malaysian Chinese Association's (MCA) President Dr Chua Soi Lek

BATU PAHAT - The Selangor government should stop the blame game and accept more responsibility in resolving issues arising from non-Muslims using the kalimah Allah.

Former MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said Pakatan Rakyat, as the state administrator, could amend or abolish the current laws in the state which needed to be changed.

"DAP should not avoid the issue by saying that the legislation of the Selangor Non-Islamic Religious (Control of Propagation Muslims) Enactment 1988 was left by Barisan Nasional and MCA.

"They (Pakatan) have been in government for two terms with a two-thirds majority in Selangor and they have the power to make it right.

"There is no need to blame others. If you feel that it is not right, then just amend or abolish it and prove that you are a responsible government," he told reporters after attending the 13th anniversary dinner of the Taman Seri Jaya Tiong King Kong temple here on Monday.

Dr Chua added that the state government should seek an audience with the Sultan to resolve the issue.

The concerns over the issue surfaced after enforcement officers from the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) seized copies of Christian publications, including Malay and Iban versions of the Bible, from the premises of the Bible Society of Malaysia in Petaling Jaya on Jan 2.

Selangor DAP chairman Tony Pua had been reported as saying earlier that MCA was involved in the passing of the enactment prohibiting the use of the word Allah by non-Muslims.

On a separate note, Dr Chua, who did not seek re-election in the MCA election held on Dec 21, said that he was grateful to various organisations for extending invitations to their functions despite his current position.

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