CIMB-ASEAN ePaper draws attention at industry meeting

HONG KONG - The CIMB-ASEAN ePaper involving the partnership of The Star, The Nation, The Jakarta Post and Philippine Daily Inquirer drew attention at a media industry meeting.

Delegates at the two-day Publish Asia 2014 Conference and Expo organised by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) here were keen to learn more about the strategic alliance that the four Asia News Network members had developed.

The topic of smart media collaboration was discussed at the Newsroom and CEO Summit, where media chieftains wanted to know how the ePaper tie-up could bring revenue and increased circulation at the same time.

Press Reader chief content officer and general counsel Nicolay Malyarov said the CIMB-ASEAN ePaper gave birth to a strong partnership beyond editorial collaborations.

"The power of multi-title aggregation and bundling options is key to adding value," he said in his presentation which focused on the success of the CIMB-ASEAN ePaper.

The historic arrangement, which was available from April 1, offers readers access to in-depth news from a local perspective of the four nations - Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines - through a subscription.

Malyarov said the partnership increased sponsorship and advertising reach and revenue, adding that the key was to find the right sponsor.

He said the CIMB-ASEAN ePaper reached almost 450 million people out of the 600 million living in the region.

The 80,000 subscribers of The Star bundle now enjoy e-copies of the additional three regional publications for free.