Claims of nepotism after Petron, linked to Mahathir's son, gets government fuel contract

PHOTO: Reuters

PETALING JAYA - The Malaysian government faces accusations of cronyism and nepotism after news emerged that the Ministry of Finance has appointed Petron as one of the fuel providers for government vehicles.

A letter of appointment addressed to Petron has gone viral on social media, as the Prime Minister's son Mirzan Mahathir is a director of Philippine-based Petron Corporation, which owns Petron Malaysia.

News site Malaysiakini reported that it had verified with government sources that the letter had been distributed to government ministries.

The letter stated that Petron Fuel International Bhd (Petron) had been appointed a fuel provider for government vehicles through indent cards.

It added that it hoped the appointment of Petron would provide "a better choice and alternative" to existing fuel providers.

Mr Mirzan has been a director of Petron Corporation since 2010 and held 1,000 shares in that year.

In 2013, Petron Malaysia said Mr Mirzan did not have any shares or a role in its Malaysian operations.

The Ministry of Finance has been contacted for comments.

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