Clip about Malaysian teacher who learns lessons from poor pupil moves many to tears

Touching clip: A screen grab of the video ‘Kasut Buruk’ which has been viewed about 27,000 times, according to Jasmi (inset).

KOTA KINABALU - A video about a teacher who learns lessons in life from his impoverished pupil is making waves on YouTube and Facebook.

Those who have viewed Kasut Buruk, a five-minute video produced by the National Department for Culture and Arts Sabah, said they had been moved to tears by it.

It tells the story of a teacher who was upset with a pupil from the afternoon session who was always late to school and unkempt.

Despite being punished repeatedly, the boy never seemed to correct his ways. This prompted the teacher to visit his ramshackle house, located at a squatter settlement.

There, the teacher found that the boy's elder brother, who was in the morning session, would run home from school quickly to pass his uniform to his younger sibling.

The teacher realised then that the family was so poor that the brothers had to share almost everything between them.

He apologised to the pupil and organised a fund-raising campaign for the family.

The video, which was a project by the department to mark Hari Raya, has been viewed about 27,000 times so far on YouTube.

Department director Jasmi Rasit said the video tapped the many talents of his staff here.

"It was a zero cost production as the cast, crew, including the director and producer, are all our staff members," he said, adding that the cameras used were two Nikon DSLR units.

The video editing, he said, was done using the ubiquitous Microsoft Movie Maker.

"'Kasut Buruk' was actually one of two Hari Raya videos we filmed and edited simultaneously in about two weeks. The other is Cucu Pembuat Songkok," he said.

Cucu tells the story of an elderly man who never fails to make songkok for his grandchildren every Hari Raya. It was posted on YouTube on July 22 while Kasut Buruk was uploaded six days later.

Jasmi acknowledged that Kasut Buruk was the one which gained more attention as many people were sharing it on social net-works.

"We were surprised by the response.

"Personally, I had only expected perhaps about 500 to 1,000 views," Jasmi said, adding that the video was based on a story that had been circulating on Facebook several months ago.

"It is also a gentle reminder to people in authority that they should go the extra mile to find out about those who are not doing well."