Cloud seeding to continue in Malaysia's west coast

KUALA LUMPUR - Cloud seeding will continue to replenish water levels at dams nationwide.

Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD) director-general Datuk Che Gayah Ismail said cloud seeding remained an option despite the rainfall. She said cloud seeding was necessary as the water level in dams across peninsular Malaysia were critical.

"We will monitor clouds at the dam areas that are suitable for cloud seeding every day. As soon as there are suitable clouds for cloud seeding, we will send the aircraft for the job."

Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah said cloud seedings would be carried out at the Muda and Pedu dams in Kedah; Klang Gates Dam in Kuala Lumpur; and Jus Dam in Jasin, Malacca.

He said Cessna aircraft will be used for the operations, which will start in the north, namely in Kedah and to the South in Johor.

Meanwhile, the air quality nationwide yesterday was good except for 11 areas, which recorded moderate levels of Air Pollutant Index (API) as of 5pm.

The areas were Shah Alam ,with an API reading of 58, Kuala Selangor (64), Port Klang (52), Sibu (52), Kota Kinabalu (51), USM (62), Perai (53), Kangar (54), S K Jalan Pegoh (60) Jalan Tasek (54) and Balok Baru (58). The other 41 areas recorded good API readings.

A reading of between 0 and 50 is categorised as good, 51 and 100 as moderate, 101 and 200 as unhealthy, 201 and 300 as very unhealthy and 300 and above as hazardous.

Department of Environment director-general Datuk Halimah Hassan said they would continue monitoring the air quality through 52 stations nationwide to identify changes in the API.

"The current heavy rain during inter-monsoon season helps to improve weather condition," she told the New Straits Times.