Construction worker dies while working on Mt Kinabalu

The view of Mount Kinabalu.
PHOTO: Fauzie Laily

KOTA KINABALU: A construction worker carrying out works at Laban Rata on Mount Kinabalu has died early Monday.

Azril Hamizi Sahari, 28, was reported to have suffered breathing problems before he was found unconscious by his cousin at about 1.15am.

The cousin then reported the matter to a Sabah Park staff.

Assistance arrived at about 2am, but Azril's pulse could not be detected.

Rangers tried to revive him by giving CPR but to no avail.

A Ranau Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said they brought Azril down and sent him to the hospital after receiving a distress call at about 2.17am.

Azril was pronounced dead at 2pm.