Contractor tells of receiving distress call from woman

SEMPORNA - A renovation contractor was surprised when he received a distress call from a woman repeatedly screaming for help and crying that she was going to be killed.

"It was a blocked number and I could not identify the caller. I kept asking her to tell me her name and location, but she just kept crying and screaming for help in Mandarin.

"She also said that she was going to be killed," said Geoffrey Tay.

Tay said that he was puzzled by the call that he received at about 11.42am on Friday while he was in Kota Kinabalu town.

"I immediately called my daughter to check whether she was all right and then when I got back home I saw the Star Online news about a Taiwanese woman being kidnapped off Semporna.

"I felt it might have been the woman who might have dialled random numbers and got mine. I informed the Kota Kinabalu police station about the call at about 1.45pm but the policemen on duty said they could not do much," he said.

Tay said that he left the matter as it was and told the police that they could get in touch with him if they needed more details.