Cool and haze-free Malaysia weather round the corner

PETALING JAYA - After last week's haze, Malaysians can enjoy haze-free weather for Hari Raya with cooler temperatures expected.

With the exception of Kalimantan, Indonesia, the wet weather in the ASEAN region has helped to subdue hot spots in most places.

Localised smoke plumes and isolated hotspots were noted by the Singapore Meteorology Service in southern Kalimantan.

The Hotspot Counts Chart on its website showed 29 hot spots scattered throughout southern Kalimantan.

Fortunately, Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei did not register any hot spots and enjoyed relatively mild weather conditions.

However, the regional haze map showed one hot spot in Johor and one in Pahang.

Three hot spots were detected in Sumatra while four more were detected in Java.

The north of Vietnam showed six hot spots, while Cambodia and Laos did not register any.

Despite the number of hot spots, no haze has been detected in the region as of July 14.

Hot spots, usually from forest fires, are a concern at this time of the year as the dry season sets in for the whole country.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department's Air Pollution Index shows air quality to be good and moderate throughout the country.

The latest API reading can be seen at