Cops caught in 'drunken stupor' photos identified

PETALING JAYA - The identities of two policemen whose pictures showed them in what was believed to be a drunken stupor inside their patrol car parked by the roadside have been ascertained.

Immediate disciplinary action has been taken by Selangor police and they have since been reassigned pending investigations.

The series of pictures, which also showed their sub-machinegun left unguarded on the floor of the back passenger seat, first surfaced on Facebook yesterday morning.

It quickly went viral and was repeatedly shared on social media sites and the Internet.

Late yesterday evening, Selangor police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan issued a statement through the state police Facebook page saying that the identities of the pair had been ascertained.

He said the two have been transferred out of their present assignment pending investigations after pictures of them were spread through the Internet.

"The Royal Malaysian Police view seriously offences committed by personnel who are found to have neglected their duties in protecting the community. We will also not protect or compromise with such officers and personnel who have committed offences that could tarnish the image of the force," said SDCP Shukri.

A series of four pictures, circulated on Facebook and blogs, showed two men in police uniforms asleep in a parked patrol car.

Two of the pictures showed a beer can tucked between the legs of one of them, as they slept in the front seats of the car.

The other two showed a sub-machinegun resting on the floor of the rear passenger seat. There was also a picture of the patrol car.