Cow escapes slaughter in Islamic University Malaysia

PETALING JAYA - A great cow escape saga is gripping the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) campus in Gombak Thursday.

The cow, which was meant as a Hari Raya Haji sacrifice, was giving its all in a last-ditch attempt at freedom.

Undergraduate law student Syed Azharul Asriq was keeping his fellow students up-to-date via live updates on the IIUM student Facebook group.

"A cow has escaped in IIUM. Motorbikes tried to block it but to no avail. Don't die before your time is up. Agi idup agingelaban (Fight until the death). When there's a will there's a way," Syed Azharul wrote.

Like the cow, the Facebook post is fast gaining traction.

Syed Azharul's caption accompanied an image of a cow being chased down a road in the university compound.

Many students appear to be on Team Cow, encouraging the determined heifer while others urged their university mates on in the high-speed chase.

Among the cow's pursuers are a man on a motorbike and five others on foot.

A student on a motorcycle makes a futile attempt at cornering the escaped cow.

While four of those on foot have given up due to exhaustion, one last determined student, the final champion for mankind in this fight of man versus beast, is still on the chase.

In the image, the cow appears to have a strong lead ahead of its last captor.

"I had planned to eat after prayers in this morning but when I went back to the dorms, I saw all the cafes were closed. I felt dejected and hungry. I got back to my dorm and sat at my study table, contemplating the future. When I looked out the window I saw a cow running - snap snap! I took a photo," Syed Azharul said via text message to The Star Online.

"One student chased the cow on a motorbike - he appeared very resolute and blocked it. But the cow just ran past him. One international student is still very vigorously chasing it ... The whole thing has turned into something of a marathon. The rest tried to chase the cow but were burnt out," he said.

It is an annual university tradition to sacrifice cows during Hari Raya Haji.

According to Syed Azharul, the cow is one among many to be sacrificed for the Muslim celebration. The meat will then be distributed among students, the public and the poor.

After hours on the run, it appears that the cow has managed to successfully outwit its pursuers.

"We couldn't find it. It vanished!" said the student photographed chasing the cow.

One of the tired pursuers, Faheem Tazzwar, is all for giving the animal it's much deserved freedom.

"We went to look for the cow but never found it. It was too fast for us humans," he said, admitting defeat.

"I think we should set it free after all it did to escape 1,000 people. It really deserves it," he said.

Faheem added that no one else attempted to continue the search after they gave up.