Customer slashed after allegedly groping woman

KUALA LUMPUR - A randy customer at a restaurant in Sungai Petani was slashed on the hand and leg after he tried to grope a woman, Harian Metro reported.

The customer, in his 40s, had gone for a drink at a restaurant in a shopping mall at around 5pm on Monday.

He allegedly touched the girl, 20, who was serving him. She happened to be a daughter of the restaurant owner.

According to a source, the girl scolded him. Her elder brother who was chopping vegetables in the kitchen heard her raised voice.

"The girl complained about the customer to her brother, who then attacked the suspect.

"The customer reacted by throwing a chair at him but this did not stop the brother, who is in his 20s.

"The bleeding customer fled and a security guard helped to rush the man to the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital," the source said.