Dad of dead student rages over killing

KUALA LUMPUR - The father of a college student who was stabbed to death by a cigarette delivery man who ran amok at the Taman Melati Putra LRT station could barely contain his anger during the wake for his son.

"This is unacceptable! I will not take it. Chun Tai never did anything wrong to anyone. Why did he have to kill him?" asked a furious Kwan Chong Tuck, 59, yesterday at the Kwong Tong Funeral Parlour.

Describing his son as "childlike", Kwan said Chun Tai was a caring, sensitive person who rarely got angry and would not pick a fight with anyone. And under his childlike demeanour was a resourceful entrepreneur.

Kwan said Chun Tai, though only 25, managed four clothing retail stores in major shopping malls in the city and was a month away from graduating with his third degree.

"He started working part-time in business when he was just 14 and had made a successful career all by himself.

"He had so much going for him but it was all cut short by a madman," he said.

In the Wednesday tragedy, the delivery guy had rammed his van into Chun Tai's car and stabbed him five times, once in the heart.

The suspect also killed a 48-year-old man and injured two others during his stabbing rampage.

Chun Tai's cousin Kwan Wai Yee, 23, said she hoped justice would be served.

"I hope the police investigate this and really punish the man for bringing so much hurt to our family," she said.