DAP has betrayed non-Muslims, says Senator Chong

KUALA LUMPUR - History would record DAP's betrayal to non-Muslims over hudud while MCA fought to defend secular law and democracy, said MCA Youth chairman Senator Chong Sin Woon.

He said the Hansard (transripts of parliamentary proceedings) was the most concrete proof that MCA - being a non-Muslim representative in the Cabinet - had always been unequivocal and consistent in opposing to the implementation of Islamic criminal law in Malaysia.

Likewise, he added the DAP would be eternally disgraced for signing an agreement with PAS that undermined the rights of the non-Muslims in allowing the latter "to pursue its Islamic state mission".

Chong, in a press statement yesterday, also said DAP was expected to continue attacking MCA as part of its collective responsibility with PAS.

"It is also an easy way out to divert attention from its own subterfuge collusions with PAS and disgrace," he added.

He stressed that MCA would forever defend the Federal Constitution and its stance against hudud was unshakable and unquestionable, despite DAP's effort to collaborate with certain media to belittle or nullify the party.