DAP man quits over 'ungrateful leaders'

KOTA KINABALU - Sabah DAP is starting the year with the loss of yet another leader following the abrupt resignation of its state deputy chief Fred Fung Kong Win.

Announcing his resignation from the party on Tuesday, Fung said he could no longer work with "ungrateful leaders" in DAP.

"I have given my service to the party for more than 20 years but with the present situation, I don't think I have any other choice except to leave.

"It was a painful decision to leave the party," said Fung, who is the Luyang DAP branch chairman.

On his future plans, Fung said he had no intention of joining any political party for now.

Fung, who joined DAP in 1986, was unsuccessful in his bid for the Api Api state seat in the 2004 General Election and again for the Luyang state seat four years later.

He was appointed Sabah DAP deputy chairman in 2009.

Fung is the second state DAP senior leader to quit the party following last year's May 5 polls.

Former party adviser Hiew King Cheu, who won the Luyang seat for DAP in the polls, quit to become an independent assemblyman.