Desperate mum disowns son after loan shark harassment

IPOH - After enduring a month of harassment from loan sharks over the money her son had borrowed from them, a mother has publicly severed ties with him.

Chong Yoon Foong, 70, said she did so because three loan sharks had been harassing her family, demanding the money her second son had borrowed.

"It all started on Oct 19 when I arrived home from the supermarket at around 9.40pm and found my front gate open and five flowerpots broken.

"They had also thrown a flowerpot at my car and motorcycle.

"Then they started calling me on the phone, demanding that I settle my son's unknown amount of debt," she said at a press conference called by Perak MCA public service and complaints bureau chief Jimmy Loh at the state MCA headquarters here yesterday.

The mother of six said she had been depositing cash to the debt collectors ever since and her last payment of RM2,000 (S$780) was on Nov 6. She has now paid RM30,000.

"I don't know what my son has been doing since he quit his job in Singapore 10 years ago, but I suspect that he is in debt due to gambling.

"Even though I last saw him only two days before the harassment started, he never told me anything related to money and loan sharks, said Chong.

"I believe that he has gone into hiding because calls to his handphone go unanswered, and I do not have the slightest idea where he could be," she said, adding that she did not have enough money to pay off the debts.

Worried for the safety of her youngest son's family, with whom she is currently staying, Chong lodged a police report and urged the loan sharks to leave them alone.

"I do not have any money to pay, and we refuse to do so anymore because we are not the ones who borrowed the money.

"I am disowning my son and I no longer have anything to do with him, so please just leave us alone," said the distressed mother.