A devoted son to his mum

GEORGE TOWN - A veteran lawyer who represented Leonard Glenn Francis a.k.a. Fat Leonard in a firearms possession and robbery case 27 years ago, remembers Francis as a devoted son to his mother.

Datuk C.V. Prabhakaran, 76, said Francis, who was 21 then was "a very obedient son to his mother and their bond was extremely strong".

However, Francis and his father had differences.

"They had differences and some sort of disagreement but it was not clear to me what it was all about," he said.

Prabhakaran believed that the "differences" between Francis and his father could have led to stress and resulted in the youngster joining bad company.

"He was supposed to go to London to further his studies in business administration and may have succumbed to stress and got involved in the offences," he said.

"Overall, he was a young and energetic man at that time, outspoken, friendly and jovial person who was very mature for his age," Prabhakaran said.

"He had tenacity of purpose and knew that he wanted to be successful, which was why he had planned to go to London.

"His parents would accompany him to court. They were well dressed and came to court ordinarily like everyone else. If I'm not mistaken, they would usually arrive in his father's car," he said.