Divorcee lives in fear of Ah Long over ex-hubby's $10,000 debt

JOHOR BARU - A divorcee is living in fear following multiple Ah Long attacks on her home due to her ex-husband's debts, which have ballooned to RM25,000 (S$9,700).

Chan Hooi May, 47, claimed that her house had been splashed with red and yellow paint while her main gate was padlocked by Ah Long.

"I filed for divorce last November and did not have any clue that my ex-husband had borrowed money from Ah Long until the first attack on April 2," she told reporters in Ulu Tiram here yesterday.

She said she was shocked to find her main gate padlocked upon returning home that day.

After questioning him, Chan claimed that her ex-husband finally admitted to having borrowed a total of RM5,000 from 10 different Ah Long.

"I was living in fear and forked out RM10,000 to settle some of the debts inclusive of interest," she said.

However, Chan said the attacks did not stop, adding that her house was splashed with paint on two other occasions.

"I tried to speak to the Ah Long involved and they told me that I now owed them another RM25,000 in debt and interest.

"Of course, I cannot afford to pay this," said the mother of two teenagers, adding that she was not earning much as a secretary.

Chan said she hoped the Ah Long would stop harassing her as she no longer had anything to do with her ex-husband.

"I do not know where he is or what he is doing.

"I just want all these attacks to stop," she said, adding that she had also received threatening text messages.

Tebrau MP Khoo Soo Seang's secretary Ng Yew Aik, who called for a press conference on Chan's behalf, said he was in the midst of discussions with the different Ah Long gangs.

"Several police reports have been lodged and we hope that this matter can be sorted out," he said.