DIY cosmetic facial jabs offered online for RM200

THE public can now buy DIY cosmetic facial injections over social media for as low as RM200, reported Sin Chew Daily.

These injections could cost over RM2,000 at skin specialist centres.

According to the daily, various packages were offered online, including those for skin whitening and firming.

Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine committee member Dr Liow Tiong Sin said the original products were expensive, adding that only licensed practitioners could get hold of them.

However, imitation products were being imported into the country and being sold online.

Some consumers decided to try the injections for themselves after seeing their friends use them without any side effect.

Skin specialist Dr Ko Chung Beng said his centre had received cases of patients developing skin problems after using the injections bought online.

He said their health was affected after they hired unlicensed beauticians to administer the injections.