DIY guns may have been used in Kota Kinabalu shooting spree

Pizza Hut supervisor Dominic Peter pointing to the bullet mark at the Pizza Hut outlet in Damai after the shooting spree.

KOTA KINABALU- Police are not ruling out the possibility of homemade weapons being used in a shooting spree here and nearby Penampang district as they continue their probe into the case.

City police chief Asst Jauteh Dikun said police were establishing the type of weapons used in the drive-by shooting that shattered glasspanes at 46 business premises.

He said no arrests had been made yet following the incident which occurred between midnight on Jan 11 and 1am the following day.

Jauteh said this when asked about a report in a local daily here which claimed that the shooters could have used homemade weapons costing as little as RM100.

Sabah paintball sport pioneer Miguel Aaron was quoted as saying that the damages and the recovery of metal ball bearings or marbles from the damaged premises seemed to indicate the weapons were homemade airguns.

He said it was unlikely the shooters had used air rifles which were banned in Malaysia.The homemade devices, he said, were common in the Philippines where they were known as boga.

Miguel also said the main components of the homemade air gun included a length of PVC pipe and a canister containing industrial compressed air used to propel the ball bearings.

Among those affected by the shootout were banks, restaurants, hand phone outlets, supermarkets, hotels, car showrooms and offices.

Police had said that at least six people who moved about in two 4WDs and a saloon car were involved in the shooting.