'Docs removed uterus by mistake'

A WOMAN in Tamil Nadu accused doctors at a government hospital of removing her daughter-in-law's uterus by mistake while performing a sterilisation procedure, Tamil Nesan reported.

Muthu, 26, and her husband Murugan, 30, from Thirupuvanam, near Chennai, had decided to take advantage of the government's cash transfer scheme, which encouraged couples to undergo sterilisation after having two girls and no boys.

The mother-in-law, Meenakshi, took Muthu to the hospital for the procedure as Murugan was working abroad.

Meenakshi later submitted a petition alleging that doctors told her that Muthu's uterus had to be removed as she had "a problem", and got her to sign some documents.

She said she became suspicious when they told her not to tell anyone about it.

To make matters worse, Meenakshi said Murugan and his family accused her of having sanctioned the removal of the woman's uterus.

The aggrieved mother is seeking an inquiry into the matter.