Dog-petting, 'sinful activities' will bring more 'twisters' to Malaysia: Malay-rights group

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia - Selangor Perkasa has claimed that the increasing occurrence of "twisters" in Malaysia is due to a rise in sinful activities such as the dog-petting event held recently.

In a post on Selangor Perkasa's Facebook page on Wednesday, the Malay-rights organisation said such natural disasters only used to occur in the South China Sea, affecting nations such as Vietnam or the Philippines.

In the post, it claimed that "twisters" were "increasingly attracted" to the country when they had never "shown any interest" and "stayed away" before.

"Is it because they are attracted to widespread vices such as gambling centres, prostitution, liquor festivals and dog-touching festivals," it asked.

It called on members to reflect on whether there was any "truth" behind the disasters affecting Malaysia.

With the statement, Perkasa Selangor has joined in a chorus of organisations and leaders openly criticising last Sunday's "I Want to Touch a Dog" event held at the Cental Park in Bandar Utama here.

PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat said the organisers of the event have "worms in their heads", with Harakah Daily quoting him as saying such an event contradicted the Syafie school of thought.

Meanwhile, Mohd Iqbal Parjin, the cleric who participated in the event, viewed the event as an opportunity to deliver an Islamic message to Muslims and non-Muslims.

In his Facebook posting, Mohd Iqbal said he had explained the relevant procedure of handling dogs according to the Syafie school of thought.

"I do not agree with the kissing and hugging of dogs. Dogs should not be touched unnecessarily," he added.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department recently clarified that the "twisters" were actually a weather phenomenon known as land spouts and were a common occurrence in the country.