Dogs from same farm as those that attacked maid under observation

Ruhimah Juandi, who was attacked by two bulldogs, recovering at the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital in Seremban on April 23.

SEREMBAN - The eight dogs taken away from a farm in Lenggeng near here will be quarantined for two weeks before their fate is decided.

State Veterinary Services Department head for health, Dr Nur Azlina Che Zabani, said the canines were now housed in its compound for observation.

"We will check if the dogs are healthy or otherwise. Only then will we decide on the next course of action," said Dr Nur Azlina, who added that department records showed that the animals had not been vaccinated.

Asked if there was a possibility of the dogs being put to sleep even if they were disease-free, Dr Nur Azlina said this was for the department's enforcement section to decide.

Contractors from the Nilai Municipal Council seized the dogs from the farm on Thursday after another two from the same pack attacked three people the day before.

Two dogs had attacked a 50-year-old Indonesian maid outside her employer's home. The maid, Rukimah Juandi, suffered a torn scalp as well as a broken arm due to the attack.

Stall owner Hoosni Anwar Hamid, 44, who witnessed the attack, then tried to scare the dogs by honking causing them to run away.

However, the dogs pounced on Hoosni when he went back to his stall and bit him on the mouth and limbs.

A policeman from the Lenggeng station who happened to pass by tried to stop the attack but was also bitten on the ankle.

L/Kpl Mohd Naser Sulaiman then rushed back to the station and returned with a shotgun before shooting dead the two dogs, which were still lurking in the area.

Police detained the farm owner, who was in his 50s, several hours after the attack.